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Guinness – White Horses

January 29, 2012

Love this Guinness advert, would be great in HD, don’t make them like this anymore.


Baby Blue Tit

January 29, 2012

Happen to catch my eye June 2011, got the camera, so trusting, size of a small leaf. June 2011, this young bird caught my eye, so small, size of a leaf, one of those rare moments.

Sons Of Anarchy

January 8, 2012

Great wallpaper of Jax done for me by George Spigot, check out his blog, thanx Spigot.


January 4, 2012

Give this a try, get to your local red neck pub with your mates and see how long you last before it all kicks off!
PS – is that a young Jason Bradbury of the Gadget Show! LMFAO.
Courtesy of Utah Saints